Turn your GOLD into CASH TODAYTurn your GOLD into CASH TODAY

"Just like a bank"

Santa Clarita Valley Pawnbrokers, Inc. (SCV Pawn) is proud to have served the community as gold buyers and sellers in Santa Clarita, Newhall, Valencia, Canyon Country and Saugus for over 20 years with cash loans. All of our customers are treated with respect and dignity. Pawn shops have been around longer than banks and people of all ages have used the unique services offered. SCV Pawn is just like a bank, loan office or credit union, except that loans are not based on a credit check: Instead, your merchandise is used as collateral until the loan is paid off. When you get a collateral loan, you have up to four months to redeem your merchandise. It's as easy as that! Getting a pawn shop loan in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas could not be any easier. We do not make inquiries of any kind as to your credit score; your credit is your merchandise.

If you are looking for the best pawn shops in Santa Clarita (SCV), Valencia, Canyon Country, Stevenson Ranch and Newhall, look no further than your own back yard - at SCV Pawnbrokers, Inc. - the best pawn shop in SCV!

Who uses pawn shop services? The answer is: everybody. With the ability to take something of value (collateral) and get a temporary cash loan until you are ready to redeem it, makes getting cash a no-brainer. Make good use of your gold, silver, diamonds, old coins, historical artifacts and musical instruments that are not being used, and get a cash loan; let your merchandise work for you.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where can I find a place to sell my scrap gold and jewelry besides the mail?" -- at SCV Pawn, we are gold buyers who pay cash instantly; we also buy scrap gold! No need to send your scrap gold in the mail to some distant buyer in a paper envelope, then wait for a check to arrive in the mail -- bring your scrap gold to SCV Pawn, and we will give you cash for your scrap gold, on the spot! scv pawn buys used gold No waiting, instant cash, and best part of all -- you have a chance to get your gold or jewelry back. You can buy back your gold or jewelry and get an instant cash loan, over and over; we will loan on the same items as many times as is needed, and we do this quite often with our clients' gold and jewelry and musical instruments.

Cash for gold and gold buying stores in Santa Clarita and abroad are advertising and popping up everywhere. (Read more...)

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The number one pawnshop in Santa Clarita!The number one pawnshop in Santa Clarita!